Flo Shor | Guard Vadar & Brick Drain Cover Prevent Clogged Drain Pipes & Downspouts In Oakland, CA

Attention home, condo, apartment and commercial building owners- it’s time to celebrate, life just got easier. No more worries about cleaning out those hard-to-reach messy gutters. Introducing Guard Vadar and the Brick Drain Cover by Flo Shor, these amazing two products will be your answer to never having a clogged gutter or drain again. Flo Shor offers a lifetime guarantee on these amazing new inventions, for downspouts, field drains and roof to wall clogged drains. The Brick Drain Cover has over 144 ways for water to exit and is easy to install, no assembly required, and the results are amazing. Even when in and dated with debris, Guard Vadar and Brick Drain Cover by Flo Shor still allows water and small particles to flow freely. Call today at 1-888-356-4787 and never clean another drain or clogged gutter in your life again. You can also order directly from our website at Flo Shor- Coming soon to your local hardware and home improvement stores. You have tried the rest, now try the best- Guaranteed.

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