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Most homes in the Greater Los Angeles Area use gas as the source of energy, for their kitchen stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, as well as to heat their water and their homes. Although it is flowing through the pipes for so many useful purposes gas can be very dangerous if there is a gas leak. Gas companies add a scent like rotten eggs to their natural gas so that it has a noticeable smell. If you notice this smell there is a good chance you have a leak that requires immediate attention.
Pipe leaks occur when a pipe is worn off or when electrolysis or corrosion takes place. Electrolysis can be caused by the electricity running through the ground bonding to the metal pipes. It is considered a safety benefit to ground electrical currents by directing them into the ground — particularly toward metal wells deep in the ground.

The negative side effect of grounding electricity is that it tends to run along the metal gas and water pipes and can damage them. The most damage tends to be near joints in the pipes where different types of metal join. The damage can be corrosion that results in discolored water.
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