Gutter Cleaning Fairfield Connecticut The Down Spouts Were Clogged

See a clogged gutter opened up drained and cleaned on a home in Fairfield Connecticut and how the gutters are cleaned.The gutters were full of water and the home owner called to have the gutters cleaned since they were over flowing. As I set up to clean the gutters at this home I found that in the back the long section of gutter that extended the length of the house had the top of each down spout totally blocked. Water was not able to drain of either end of the gutters at all. So any heavy rain it would just pour over the front down onto the deck.

As the water accumulated the tree seeds were starting to germinate in the gutter as well as algae forming in the gutter. One end of the gutter downspout also had a piece of shingle that had fallen off the roof and was sitting over the down spout creating a really efficient plug on that side of the gutter system. Taking out the material over the down spouts let the water start draining out. Then getting out the tree seeds was easy to collect and dump in a bucket and remove them. The last step being to flush the system to get out the small pieces left behind.

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