Halo 5 Custom Game : Clogged Toilet

Hey guys iSpiteful here bringing you another Halo 5 custom game. This is Clogged Toilet by Littlemonk5 a popular minigame that has made a return and this time it looks more realistic than ever before. For people not familiar with how Clogged Toilet works allow me to explain, The gamemode is infection and at the start of the round two players will be chosen as infected, those chosen as infected will spawn at the bottom of the toilet. All of the survivors will spawn above inside the toilet bowl. Now the game is simple, infected players will lift up into the bowl with the intention to infect as many people as they can before being killed.

Survivors will need to work together in order to keep the infected down the toilet and if they fail do this it will become harder and harder to do so as more survivors become infected. All survivors will be given grenades that can be used to help slow down the onslaught of infected and it is often best to hold on to them until the infected become too much to handle. Some more advice would be to watch out for sneaky traitors who want to push you down the toilet for their own entertainment, if this happens to you it usually will not end well. The game will end when all survivors are killed or the time limit hits 0 but the game often ends up with all the survivors being killed if you are playing with a large lobby of players. This minigame is incredibly fun and it is great to see such iconic minigames make their way into Halo 5. I hope you enjoy the gameplay that follows and as always i will see you next video! Peace!

I give a huge shoutout to Littlemonk for remaking this minigame and doing such an outstounding job.


– iSpiteful

To get this map just add ‘Littlemonk5’ on Xbox live and go to his bookmarks.
Or download via waypoint :



If not there add my gamertag (iSpiteful) and you will find it in my bookmarks/files

Map : Toilet
Gametype : Clogged

Music :

Intro : Disfigure – Hollah! –

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Outro : Grabbitz – Float Away

“Halo 5: Guardians © Microsoft Corporation. “Halo 5 Custom Game : Clogged Toilet” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo 5: Guardians, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.”

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