How To Clear A Clogged Bathroom Drain Part 2 At The P-Trap With AmyWorks

AmyWorks, Inc. is woman owned and operated handyman service, with more than 30 years of home repair and home maintenance experience.
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Amy Ecklund of AmyWorks Inc demos how to take the bathroom sink pipes apart – and reattach them properly – at the p-trap to unclog a slow-to-drain sink. This is a handy and practical skill – not hard, but it is important to reattach the pipes so there won’t be any leaks. Amy demonstrates how it’s done.

First timers should allocate about 30 minutes to take apart the p-trap.

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series…the 1st part shows how to use a small and handy gadget called a Zip-It to snare snarls of hair, toothbrushes and more – without pouring drain cleaners into the pipes. 

Currently serving the Greater Seattle Area, call AmyWorks for 206.478.2019 for practical expertise in home maintenance and handy(wo)man chores.

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