How To Clear A Slow Or Clogged Tub Or Shower Drain

Slow draining tub or shower try this 1st.

Tools needed: Flat blade screw driver (standard wide) Pair of pliers to loosen the cover to access the screw, some tape to protect the plating surface so pliers do not damage it.

Very easy to do no chemicals needed and only takes a few minutes. Remember turn left (counter clockwise) to loosen and right (clockwise) to tighten, lefty loosy and righty tighty.

Soon I will add a video how to clean the P trap, works in every bathroom and kitchen. It can save you hundreds of dollars and is also very easy to do. May even find a diamond ring or ear rings in it if you are lucky. :-)

House was built in 2001 so pretty recent style of drain design.

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