How To Fix A Clogged Dishwasher Yourself

I need your guidance on how to fix a clogged dishwasher yourself.

I’m guessing the plumber’s bill was somewhere between OMG, and I can buy a new dishwasher for that.

I’d like to fix this before finding out where on the scale the service call is.

The first thing you can do is make the kids clean their dishes, before they put it in the dishwasher.

Unless you’re Dr. Who, we’re a little late for that advice.

The second thing you can try is turning on the garbage disposal, to try to suck food chunks out of the drain line and air gap and wash it down the sink.

That only works if the food is small enough, and the line gets enough suction via water pouring down the drain to essentially vacuum it out of the line – and if the dishwasher and garbage disposal share a line in the first place.

I’m starting with the least messy solution. The next one is opening up the dishwasher, putting on grandma’s scrubbing gloves and removing the food gummed up around the drain to eliminate the clog.

Assuming that’s the source of the clog.

After you’ve cleared out the nasty slimy food around the drain cover, see if it drains. If it does not, you probably need to take the drain cover off and fish around with a coat hanger end, to get food out of the drain hose.

You’re right, the garbage disposal is a good thing to try.

Another option is opening up the doors under the sink, and seeing if the drain hose has a clog in it.

That would have to be a pretty stubborn piece of au grautin potato.

Why that?

That’s what my kids really did not want to eat before the dishwasher clogged.

You may need to disconnect the hose, run the straightened out coat hanger through it to remove the clog and reconnect it.

Assuming I do not gag first.

There’s always the possibility that it is not one chunk of last week’s leftovers, and instead a buildup of grease and grime over months. If you get it to kind-of-sort-of drain, you could run a load of just hot water and baking soda to clean it.

If I get the thing unclogged, I’ll do that just to remove the smell.

You could also pour a spoonful of baking soda and two spoonfuls of vinegar, to chemically react and essentially Drain-o the clog, without putting something in the dishwasher downright dangerous to get on your dishes.

And if that does not work?

The plumber will appreciate the cleaner dishwasher to work with.

If only he would give me a discount for that.

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