How To Fix A Dishwasher Clogged Drain

I need to know how to fix a dishwasher clogged drain.

The first thing you need are gloves. The second thing you need is a bucket.

That’s to scoop the water out.

Yes. After you get the dirty water out, next will come cleaning the dishwasher screen over the drain, assuming it doesn’t have a big filter over a smaller filter.

My dishwasher does not have that many layers of filters.

That might explain why it is clogged. Then again, the issue could be a kinked drain hose.

This isn’t like the water sprayer in the sink that gets moved around and looped, so it could kink up. I’m not moving the dishwasher around in a way that could kink that hose.

You should clean whatever filters or drain covers you have. After those are cleaned or if they are clean, you go on to the drain hose itself.

I may need to take the drain pump apart to get to it.

Before you start taking the dishwasher out and apart to clean a hose that will get dirty water on the floor, check to see if the drain pump works. You may have a dishwasher not draining because that pump and motor are dead.

Short of checking with a multimeter to the wires, I don’t know how.

You should also check the drain motor to see if there’s food residue or gunk in it holding it in place.

Just taking the seal off that worries me.

Taking the drain motor and impeller out lets you see if the reason it won’t drain is because there’s an almond stuck in between the moving parts.

I can’t see how that got through the drain cover.

Then the root cause could be a drain impeller or motor rusted into place.

I can check that as I take the drain motor and impeller off in the process of getting to the drain hose.

If the motor looks fine and the impeller is clear, you know the issue is more likely the drain hose.

I suppose there’s some sort of drain snake I could use.

Just don’t use a straightened out hanger and poke a hole in the hose, creating a leak trying to fix the lack of drainage.

That means what little does seep down the drain ends up on the floor.

Another reason the dishwasher may not be draining is because the hose connecting it to the garbage disposal is blocked.

The garbage disposal is in the sink.

Yes, and if the hose connecting them is clogged with grease from the sink or food debris from the dishwasher, the thing can’t drain.

At least I can reach that without taking the dishwasher apart.

It could be as simple as running a garbage disposal cleaning disk and a lot of hot water down the drain to try to clean it.

And if I fail, the kitchen won’t stink as bad while I work in and around that area.

You also don’t want to take the dishwasher apart looking for a clog that’s actually in the air gap between the dishwasher drain hose to the garbage disposal under the sink.

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