(:HowTo:) Permanently Fix A Leak/Crack In An RV Black Or Grey Water Holding Tank ~#3 Dropping A Tank

~~Tools & Parts List~~
+ RV Tank Flush Wand:
+ ABS Cement:

+ Fiberglass Window Screen:
+ 1″ Disposable Brushes:
+ Large Syringe:
+ Drill (I Recommend Bosch 12V Max):
+ 1/4″ Drill Bit:
+ Acetone:
+ Sandpaper:

~3 Part Video Series~
#1: Best Method – Full repair including drilling relief holes and applying solvent and cement to inside of tank. No Dropping of Tank.
#2: Strictly External Repair – Repair next to a pipe outlet through a small access panel using only external application
#3: Full Tank Drop Repair. The full monty repair showing dropping of the tank and repairing a LONG Crack along the seam on the top of the tank.

~~Video Details~~
In a 3 Part Series, I go over the process of repairing an ABS black or Grey water tank on your RV or Camper. The First Video is the best method for fixing a crack or leak when you can get to the affected area. 2nd video shows how to do a strictly external repair. This method may be ideal when access is limited. The 3rd video shows a full blow tank drop and repair of a large crack along the top seam of the tank.

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