Leaking Toilet? How-to Fix A Leaking Toilet | Roto-Rooter

How to stop a toilet from running: the sound of a running toilet is something that too many of us have gotten used to, and ultimately it’s the sound of money going down the drain as water leaks out of your tank. It’s also wasteful and can result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water every year. Some toilet leaks are, however, virtually silent.

You can test if you need to fix a leaking toilet by placing a small amount of food coloring in the toilet reservoir. Wait 15 minutes and check the bowl. If the colored water has made it into the bowl, you have some repair work to do. To stop the toilet from running and preventing overflows, be sure to pull up on the float arm. You can have a friend help you if needed and while the float is up, turn the water off to the toilet using the valve (usually situated just behind the tank).

Do-it-yourselfers can buy a replacement flapper from their local hardware store. It may be however that you’ll need to replace the entire toilet flushing mechanism assembly, depending on your make and model of toilet.

If you’re having problems, contact a professional. You can easily schedule an appointment online at or by calling us at 1-888-302-4368.

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