Mini-Rooter Power Drain Cleaner – How To Video

General Pipe Cleaners’ Mini-Rooter power drain cleaner clears lines from rooftop to basement, including kitchen, bath, and laundry drains. With 50 feet of 1/2″ cable, it weighs just 60 pounds. This easy-to-use machine has lots of time saving features. For instance, you can remove the cage in seconds for more portability or to switch to a different cable diameter — with no mess or lost time. All machines come with Flexicore wire rope center cables that offer durability with the right amount of flexibility. UL approved.

This video provides a general overview of the operating instructions and safety procedures for using the Mini-Rooter. Ask your dealer for a complete list of safety procedures. He can also give you more specific instructions to solve your particular clogged drain problem.

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