Never Have Clogged Drain/Sink Again – Install PermaFLOW – The No Pain Drain P-Trap – No Voice

PermaFLOW is the World’s First Self Cleaning ‘GREEN’ Drain System (P-Trap Replacement) with patented SELFClean feature that creates flow turbulence, minimizes deposition, breaks and propels debris and cleans itself thereby not allowing the sinks to get clogged. PermaFLOW is also equipped with patented EZClean feature that helps clean the potential clog build-up easily without the hassles of using plumbing snakes, plungers, opening P-Trap and/or the use of harmful drain cleaning chemicals by using an external knob with a spindle and wiper inside for clean-up. For more information on PermaFLOW – visit

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