Opening A Roof Drain Strainer Clogged With Algae And Moss

A PSA from Escalators.Co: if you have flat roofs, clean out your roof drain strainers at least twice a year!

At a hotel in the Catskills, New York, which will remain anonymous to prevent embarrassment of the owners! Heavy rains battered the Hudson Valley for the five days prior. I went to the roof to access the elevator machine room but found out I couldn’t get there easily – because there was at least two inches of standing water on the flat roof! I had never seen roof ponding that bad. I did the owners a favor and popped the drain strainers and filmed it for you.

It was apparent from the amount of accumulated debris in the strainer and the amount of moss and algae growing in the water that these had not been cleaned in years. As if it’s not bad enough that the moss and algae can release all kinds of nasty microbes into the building, the weight of this much water on the roof will drastically reduce the life of the roof and could cause sagging or even worse – cause a collapse!

There were a total of six drains on the roof, all of which were clogged. I unclogged them all.

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