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Jerry Hamilton from Security Plumbing shows how to install a connection when using PEX water lines.

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Okay, we are recording right now. We are replacing QEST pipe, it’s the old plastic, with PEX new pipe by Uponor. First step is we take a half hedged plastic ring made of the same material and it goes on the end of the pipe. Like this with just like a 1/8” or 1/16” where is over laps. Then I got my Milwaukee worth bow tool expand the ring and pipe together. That’s what this tool does. It twists as it expands it. Then I could hold it and let it expand. Then we take the tool out and take the pipe push it up to the shoulder of the T. Hold it there. Both the pipe and the ring shrink back to their original size. That joint won’t come apart. That’s it.

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