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A plumber Tampa FL emergency can happen fast or occur slowly and build up over days and weeks. This can cause a large amount of water
damage that could end up costing you a lot of money! Busted pipes,behind the wall leaks,toilets overflowing, and gas leaks are the usual home
plumbing emergencies that people call for when they need an emergency plumber Tampa specialist. When you’re having an emergency plumbing
problem you can do some things first to off set major water damage till our plumber can get there.
1. Busted Pipes: Your first priority until the emergency Tampa plumber arrives at your house, is to stop the water flowing out continuously. Find the
main shutoff valve to your home and turn it off . By turning off the shutoff valve it will shut down the water flow to the pipes and therefore stop
the continuous overflowing water damage. Next turn on the cold water faucet to empty quickly the pipes from the left over water inside them.
Then call us right away, your plumber emergency Tampa specialist to fix or replace the busted part of the pipe. Pipe replacement should be
done by an expert plumber as soon as possible to prevent future mold growth
2.Toilet Overflowing : A toilet that is overflowing will keep on running long after flushing. To stop this problem, turn off the toilet tank shutoff valve.
Next open the lid to the tank and adjust the toilet float arm. If the water stops running in the tank, flush and see what happens. Keep adjusting
until it stops. If the flowing does not stop, you will have to update all the components inside the tank. Call us and we can take of it fast for you!
3. Sink Drain Clogged: First use a rubber plumber plunger to break up the clog inside the drain. If that doesn’t fix it, try using chemicals. If your
still having trouble call us, your emergency plumber Tampa specialist and we can access the clogged material through the trap below the drain
and remove the clog for you.
4. Gas leaks: If you smell any gas, leave the home or business immediately. Gas leak repairs should never be done by yourself but only by a
professional emergency plumbing Tampa technician. Again this is a very serious situation! When you have gone out of the house or business,
call us right away or your gas company.
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Also for your information, we are located at: Cass Plumbing, Inc. 5555 West Linebaugh Avenue
Suite C Tampa, Florida 33624. Our Emergency Plumber Tampa Hotline is 813-265-9200
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