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Water lines leaking and drains backing up can cause damage to walls, cabinets, floors and carpeting. Getting the leaks repaired quickly can save you money on repairs. When you have a plumbing emergency call: (209)205-9556.

When should you replace your existing water pipes with new ones. If you’ve noticed low water pressure, the sound of banging from your water lines, or hear water running when everything is off, get it checked. For problems with water taste, you might consider a reverse osmosis system. With excess sediment, if it is not from damaged water lines, you might need a whole house water filtration system to clean your water.

Avoid surprises when you need plumbing repairs. With flat rate pricing you pay the quoted rate, no surprises. You’ve probably already experienced getting a low bid only to be presented additional charges midway through the repair job. We prefer up-front, honest pricing and we think you will too.

As professional plumbing contractors we complete a thorough evaluation of your plumbing problems, and made a detailed list of what needs to be done to correct them before we give you a plumbing repair quote. We guarantee all of our plumbing repairs, and your satisfaction, so you don’t get any surprises.

Kitchen sinks, bathroom vanities, new faucet and hooking up an ice maker are no problem. Upgrade to a tankless water heater, or just service your existing one. We fix water, gas and sewer line leaks.

Don’t settle for low water pressure, slow or clogged drains, broken water lines, or gas leaks. If you water bill suddenly jumps for apparently now reason, you may have a leak that is the culprit. Let us help you find it and fix it, before it cost you even more.

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