Repair Maytag Bravos HE Sd Ld Error Code Clogged Pump

Repairing a washer is not hard. They look complicated but they are basically a metal cabinet with very few parts inside. The Maytag Bravos HE has known issues with clogging and pump out failures dues to material jamming the hidden drain below the tub. Opening the top is simple. On the old models use a putty knife to depress the retaining clips and lever the top back and prop it up against the wall. Newer models are almost the same inside but you undo two bolts at the hinges on the back, slide the top forward then lever it up and open same deal. Pop off the plastic cap on the agitator with a flat screwdriver and undo the bolt. Lift off the agitator. Unclip the surround at the top. It’s probably dirty so undo the pipe as well on the back left corner and take the whole thing out and clean it. Lift the drum straight up. It might not come right off so keep working it up and down until it comes off. The top and bottom rings are filled with some fluid so it will be heavy and sound like there is water inside…forget about that. Now you will find that lost sock or bra or pair of underwear or whatever else somehow got under the tub and is clogging the output. Not only is this the output drain this is also the fill port. So every time you wash “clean” water has to pass through all that nasty moldy bacteria laden crap. If you wash your clothes and they still smell like ass that’s why. Remove the plastic plate over those ports and clean out all the material that has collected and clean everything while you have access to it. Chances are you will NOT have to remove the pump or the hoses that attach to the pump on the back right side under the washer. Online “help” sites always direct you to mess with the pump hoses. That is NOT where I would start. It is difficult to get the clamps off and on and you cannot pull a lost pair of blue jeans through a 1″ pipe. Reinstall everything in reverse order and run a Rinse and Spin cycle to see if it leaks under the machine. If you did not mess with the pump or hoses that should not even be an issue…but better safe than sorry. The “Clean Afresh” cycle is Maytag’s “solution” for a piss poor design that always leaves standing water (and possibly rotting cloth) at the bottom of the outer enclosure surrounding the tub. Hope that helps. Like Comment and Subscribe to my Channel.

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