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Clogged Drain? A Few Tips to Help Get Your Water Flowing Again

Your plumbing system is one of the most important behind-the-scenes systems in your home. One of the biggest problems with our plumbing is that we typically take it for granted until there is something that needs to be fixed. As a result, most plumbers respond to more repair calls than maintenance calls. Rather than spending a little on routine maintenance, many homeowners find themselves in a situation where they have to shell out large sums for extensive repairs. Some of the most common problem areas are our drains. These drains are found throughout our house, and it is very important that they always function properly. Here are a few tips to help you unclog and repair a drain.

1. TIP: Wash Them Clean
The first thing that you should try whenever you have a clogged drain is to wash it clean. If you have a slow or completely clogged drain, check for any obvious obstructions and then rinse the drain with hot water. If this does not work, try pouring vinegar over a handful of baking soda. Follow this with hot water. You can also pick up an enzyme drain cleaner at your local hardware store. Avoid caustic drain cleaners, because they can cause more problems down the road.

2. TIP: Plunge The Clog
If you can’t get the drain clear with the step above, pull out your trusty plunger. Fill the sink, tub, toilet or other fixture with enough water to cover the top of the plunger and start plunging. In many cases, this will help to dislodge the clog and get the water flowing again. Make sure to follow this step with plenty of water. If you are plunging a double sink, make sure that both sinks are plugged, either with a drain cover or a rag.

2. TIP: Use a Snake
If you haven’t had any luck rinsing the drain or dislodging the clog with a plunger, you may need to use a snake. In this case, most people will opt to call a local plumber (Call TLC Drains Plus at 289-218-9451). They can quickly assess the issue and identify what is wrong to ensure that all of the proper tools are utilized.

Regardless of what is causing your drain to clog, having a clogged drain can be an incredible inconvenience. Whether it is in a toilet, the shower, one of your sinks or your washing machine, you will want to fix it fast. If you are fairly handy, start out with the simple steps of rinsing and plunging. Most household clogs can be solved with these time-honored techniques. If these do not work, however, you may need to employ some more advanced techniques. Call a local plumber today to help unclog your drains and get your water flowing again.

Robert Stacy is an experienced Plumber in Oakville, ON and Burlington, ON, who has worked with several plumbing companies. He has extensive experience with a full range of plumbing services, including fixing clogged drains, hydro-jetting and Camera Inspections.

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