Speedrooter 92 Power Drain Cleaner: How To Video

General Pipe Cleaners’ Speedrooter 92 clears tree roots and other difficult obstructions in drains. An upgrade to the Speedrooter 91, the 92’s field-tested design offers easy handling. One person can easily load it onto a truck, as the machine slides smoothly from the loading wheel to the handle to the stair climbers and finally to the wheels. The adjustable height handle can be reset to be three inches longer or more compact, depending upon your preference.

This video provides a general overview of the operating instructions and safety procedures for using the Speedrooter 92. For a complete list of safety procedures, or for more specific instructions to solve your particular clogged drain problem, ask your rental dealer, or call the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners, or visit

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