Tips On Unblocking A Blocked Toilet

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Table Of Contents

00:08 Burst or Leaking Pipe
00:15 Leaking Pipe
00:04 Be Prepared
00:10 Blocked Toilet Only
00:23 Kitchen Plunger
00:30 Blockage Down The Drain
00:40 Septic System

Well… Good luck! Seriously if you want to have a crack at clearing your toilet be prepared. You just might end up with a new coloured floor. Try This on your blocked toilet

First make sure it is only the toilet that is blocked and not all your drains.

Now you might have to head down to your local hardware store to get an old style mop. (you know the one that looks like hair) Don’t buy a short handled one.

Now use it like a you would a kitchen plunger. Up and down, up and down, up and down. If you’re lucky, you might clear it.

If you can’t clear it or you just can’t face the possible outcome of the coloured floor call me 0411 423 216 Two warnings. You may push the blockage further down the drain. Be careful not to scratch the china bowl, if you do it will look like the wrinkles on the palm of your hand.

Also if you have a septic system installed, you may notice your toilet rising and then slowly falling, this could indicate a full leach drain or soakwell and if you are in an area that has a high water table, this could exacerbate the problem. You might also be interested in my tips on using chemical drain cleaners to clear blocked toilets and drains.

Blocked Toilet
Toilet Blocked
Blocked Drain
Drain Blocked

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