Toilet Flange Wax Ring Replacement Part 2 Of 2

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Next, slide out and remove the bolts from the sewer flange and place them in the trash bag. Lastly, clean up any remaining wax with the scraper and paper towels and place them into the trash bag. The sewer flange should be clean of any wax and debris.

Once the sewer flange is clean, inspect the flange to ensure that it is not damaged in any way. If the sewer flange or sub-flooring is damaged, they will need to be repaired accordingly.

Wax Ring Replacement

If the sewer flange is in good condition then the new wax ring can be installed. To install the new wax ring first remove the soft wax ring from its tray by griping the center plastic hole carefully, and pulling off the plastic tray. Next, place the wax ring onto the sewer flange with the narrow end of the plastic lip inserted into the flange. Center and adjust the ring as needed. Now slide the plastic holding washers down the mounting bolts and set the new bolts into the mounting channels along the edge of the toilet flange and slide them into place.

Toilet Replacement

Once the wax ring and mounting bolts are all in place then the area is ready to have the toilet remounted. Lay a straight edge on the floor next to the mounting bolts to help mark the bolts position. Begin by placing the base of the toilet over the sewer flange with the mounting bolts passing through the openings at the base. Once the base is in the correct position push down on the toilet compressing the wax ring around the toilet’s drainpipe.

Now that the toilet base is mounted, take the plastic cap rings and slide them down the mounting bolts, followed by the corresponding metal washers and nuts. Tighten both mounting nuts by hand until they are firmly in place. When both bolts are hand tightened, take a socket wrench and finish tightening the bolts so the toilet does not move at all. Keep in mind the toilet’s base can only withstand a few pounds of torque.
With the toilet securely mounted to the flooring the bolts can be trimmed to a quarter-inch past the nut. Using a mini-hacksaw carefully cut off the remainder of the mounting bolts so the entire bolt can be hidden under the plastic cap. Once both bolts are cut, snap the plastic cap cover over the bolts for a clean safe appearance.

After the caps are fastened, connect the water supply valve’s tanks hose to the shank of the fill assembly. Turn on the water supply valve and fill the tank of the toilet, looking for any possible leaks. Make adjustments to the water level and any internal parts if necessary. When all adjustments are complete, cycle the toilet and look for any leaks. Once all inspections are done replace the tank lid and the job is complete.

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