Tub Clogged? Bathtub And Shower Drain Clog Tips From Roto-Rooter

Many tub and shower drains will experience frequent clogs, so if your shower won’t drain properly, here area few tips to fix it at home yourself:

The most common cause of shower and tub clogs is built up hair in your drain. The easiest way to prevent this is to install a catch-screen over the drain. You’ll need to clear the hair away after a few uses, but it sure beats having to clear a clogged shower later on.

You can usually clear the bathtub or shower drain of hair by using a simple wire clothes hanger, by making a small hook on the end. Insert the hooked end and carefully remove the clumps of hair, going a little deeper each time. Rubber gloves will help you keep a firm grip on the hanger.

If you’re still having troubles, you may need help from a qualified professional. Give Roto-Rooter a call at 1-888-302-4368.

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