Unclean, Dirty Clogged Drain, At The Red Roof Inn In Columbus, Ohio (Worthington)

On my stay at a Red Roof Inn in Columbus, Ohio (Worthington), For the second time, as I attempted to take a shower, the drain was clogged with filth. And surprisingly, I was “berated” by the night clerk for reporting it to her. She did what she was supposed to do,..(switch me out of the room) But, as she states,..”these things happen”,…you get clogs in your home,..don’t you?”
Unacceptable response,..Unacceptable Quality Control,….Unacceptable Cleaning and Housekeeping.
I hope the Directors and Corporate people of this company see this and make the necessary corrections, and re-train the young lady, who works the night desk at the Red Roof Inn, with “proper” Customer Service skills, and how to make a situation “right” for a guest. Sometimes saying to much, is like saying not much at all, when you are not being polite and hospitable.

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