WALMART Stores closed due to “PLUMBING PROBLEMS!”
WALMART Underground Base Tunnels & INSIDER INFO might have PROMPTED Walmart CLOSINGS.
“More ominous, however, of the sudden closing of these Walmart stores, this report states, is their location in what has been described as the “main combat target zone” of a massive SOCOM military exercise planned for the United States called “Jade Helm”, whose ending in September (coincidentally?) exactly coincides with the 6 month date all of these stores have stated they will remain closed for until they reopen.”(European Union Times).
– In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it’s citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a join venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has been created in order to create an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. (Geocities, 2009).
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5) Music: Youtube Audio Library
“Far Out Man” by Jingle Punks

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