Washing Machine Won’t Drain – GE Pump Clogged – How To Unclog Fix Your Washing Machine Pump

Pump from washing machine was clogged. Had to remove & clear clog. This is a GE washing machine and it would not pump water out. Used my mini-dry vac to suck water out of the tub, remove the front cover & remove the pump to clean. A mattress cover had gotten tangles and shredded (much to my daughter’s chingrin) -some of the matting made it’s way inside the drain and lodged in the pump. Before you call the repair man you might want to check out this link & do this yourself – it could save you some money:

You will find a great video in the comments that shows step-by-step on how to do it.. I just thought I’d show the actual clog to further help folks understand how this issue manifests itself. If you hear a “huuummmm” when you turn your machine to the part of the cycle that is supposed to drain then spin you most likely have a clog.. if not, then the pump could be bad. Still, either way is a DIY and is fairy easy.

Tools: pair of Channel locks, Putty Knife and a socket (either 3/8 or 1/2) That’s it!

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