Why Is My Dishwasher Clogged?

Why is my dishwasher clogged?

It is choking on the same leftovers your kids would not eat.

That’s what goes in the garbage.

If your garbage disposal takes in food remains from the dishwasher and the tube that connects them is clogged, the dishwasher drain will be clogged.

I think my dishwasher has a food grinder on the bottom.

If the food grinder blades are stuck in place due to a stray almond or the motor that moves them is burned out, the dishwasher will end up clogged.

Or something else may be the culprit.

Yeah, all the mashed potatoes gummed up and clogged the drain.

I have a drain cover.

That means you only have to clean the cover, assuming nothing else got through the cover to make a mess.

A clogged drain makes a mess in any case.

So lift up the drain cover and clean all the mashed potatoes or mashed everything else and see if the water in the bottom of the dishwasher drains.

And if it doesn’t?

Make sure there isn’t a similar clog inside the drain.

I’ve heard there could be other causes.

I doubt you’ve moved the dishwasher around and kinked the drain hose.

You’re right, no one has messed with that hose.

It could get clogged over time from grease and grime, like plaque building up on your arteries. However, that’s obvious when you look at the drain hose.

I would have to get to the drain hose to see if that happened. How do you prevent it from happening?

Rinse the dishes off in the sink, and pour drain cleaner down the sink once in a while so the grease does not build up there.

Assuming it is there in the first place.

Before you assume it is a drain that’s clogged, you could make sure the water supply is not putting too much water in.

I’d notice a valve pouring water in even after the unit is done, and it is obvious by all the water pouring out when I open the door.

Unless it pours a normal amount of water into the dishwasher and does not drain it out by the time you open the door.

So how do I clear a drain hose?

Scoop out as much water as you can from the dishwasher, open the drain cover, and run a soft headed brush in it to clear the clog.

Why not a metal hanger?

If you use a metal hanger, you risk poking a hole in the hose, and creating a new way to get water on the floor is the opposite of fixing this.

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