2 52′ Harbor Breeze Baja Brushed Nickel Tan Ceiling Fans @ 365 Fitness, Part 1-AaronTheEagle1 Video

When I went to the 365 Fitness Gym for weekly swimming and when I had to go in the back of the gym to go swimming and that was when I found these twin 52″ Harbor Breeze Baja Ceiling Fans. They are located near the karate club and the bicycling area and the 2nd front desk was between them. Due to the fact that it was cold outside, the fans were on low speed and the one on the left (the second one) was in reverse and the one on the right (the first one) wasn’t in reverse. I’m actually not sure what kind of polish was used because this fan is not black, it is a yellowish-tan-like color. I bet it is pretty powerful on high speed. You can install a light kit on these fans but the employees didn’t do so. Actually, they came without light kits. The fan near the entrance (The Hunter Onyx 5-minute Ceiling Fan) came with a light kit but they don’t use the light kit because there are already many lights in the entrance. Let me know if I missed anything in the description and if you guys have any questions, go ahead and ask me. Enjoy! :D

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