50 Different Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bills (Gas, Electricity & Water)

Lets face it: nobody likes paying high utility bills! The list includes inexpensive options as well as other suggestions that are more of an investment. This list has so many options that there is sure to be at least something that can benefit everyone. I hope that this is useful to help keep you comfortable throughout all the seasons and keep those bills nice and low.

Overview of the list:
Gas (or heating oil)
1. Change furnace filter
2. Turn up AC
3. Turn down furnace
4. Cook/ bake to heat the home
5. Use sweaters or blankets
6. Use a humidifier
7. Use ceiling fans
8. Zone heat
9. Avoid electric heaters
10. Caulk to keep out drafts
11. Use weather stripping
12. Door sweeps
13. Insulation curtains
14. Shrink wrap kits (or bubble wrap)
15. New double pane windows (if old & single pane)
16. Add additional insulation to attic
17. ‘Green’ heating system (greenhouse)
18. Solar window heater
19. Tankless water heater
20. Solar water heater
21. Laundry in Cold water
22. Turn lights, fans, etc. off when not using
23. Use power strips on ‘energy vampires’
24. Use CFL (better) or LED (best) light bulbs
25. Energy efficient Appliances (small, large)
26. Energy efficient heating & cooling systems
27. Air dry hair and clothes
28. Clean lint screen every time
29. Dryer heat diverter
30. Sun oven for cooking
31. Air dry or wipe dishes instead of dishwasher heat feature
32. Ditch the 2nd fridge
33. Unplug chargers or “energy vampires”
34. Turn off water when not in use
35. Adjust laundry settings
36. Run full loads on laundry or dishwasher
37. Low water toilets
38. Flush less
39. Shorter showers
40. Aerating faucets
41. Low flow shower heads
42. Gray water systems
43. Find and fix leaks
44. Mulch trees and garden to reduce usage
45. Water the plants and not sidewalk/ driveway, etc.
46. Water in the evening or morning
47. Sweep instead of hosing to clean
48. Rain barrels
49. Drip irrigation systems
50. Soaker hoses

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