Calculation Of Monthly Electricity Units Consumption Of A House In India

Calculation of Monthly electricity units consumption of a house in India

Have you ever thought that: “How much am I spending on my appliances?”

If you have, then let me give you some idea on how much your appliances consume.

This will help you analyze your electricity bills at the end of the month.

If you have an AC, then the top contributor in your electricity bills is your air conditioner.

But do you know how many units does an AC consume?

A regular air conditioner of 1 ton consumes about 1 unit in an hour

That of a 1.5 ton consumes about 1.5 units in an hour.

And that of a 2 ton consumes about 2 units in an hour.

However these numbers are just an average representation. The actual value will depend on type of Air Conditioner and Environment.

Now this means if you use AC for 8 hours in a day. You would consume:

About 8 units is you have a 1 ton AC

About 12 units if you have a 1.5 ton AC

And about 16 units if you have a 2 ton AC.

The Second big contributor are your ceiling fans.

Are you surprised?

Actually individual fan consumes less but cumulatively all fans in your house consume a lot.

So how much does a ceiling fan consume?

It consumes 75 – 90 watts power. Which means in an hour it would consume 0.075 to 0.09 units.

Sound Small right?

But now imagine a 2 bedroom house with 4-5 fans running for 10 hours in a day. The total becomes a whooping 4 units a day or roughly 120 units a month!

The third major contributor is your electric geyser.

Electricity Consumption of water heaters are directly related to the amount of hot water you use in a day. Based on statistical average we also link it to number of people in a house.

A typical family of 4 would consume about 80-100 lts of hot water in a day, which would mean consumption of about 2 units a day.

The Fourth contributor in a house is a refrigerator.

I am sure you expected refrigerator to be much higher. But it does not consume a lot unless you have a huge refrigerator.

Do you know how much electricity does a refrigerator consume?

Well it would be anywhere between 0.5 to 3.5 units in a day depending on the size of refrigerator.

A typical 4 people family in India has about 250-300 lts refrigerator which consumes about 1.5 to 2 units a day.

Now you may wonder, how about all other appliances?

Most other appliances do not consume more than 1 unit a day. Unless ofcourse you leave them switched on the whole day!

But there are some appliances that you need to keep a watch on:

An induction cooker can impact a lot as it can consume about 1-1.5 units in an hour.

You also need to look out for Room Heaters as they can consume 1-2 units in an hour.

So do keep a watch on heating and cooling appliances.

Now you may be wondering, how much does it total up to?

Based on our observation a typical family of 4 shou consume:

About 250 units a month if they do not use AC.

About 500 units a month if they use a 1 ton AC for 8 hours a day.

About 750 units a month if they use 2 1 ton ACs for 8 hours a day.

Again these are just representative averages that we have observed. People can consume more or less depending on various factors.

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