Camper Van Life : Electricity


I bought my first camper van in January 2011 having taken a very long time to choose what I wanted as well as needing a lot of time for something to become available. In September 2012 I moved up to a Hymer as I wanted to live in the vehicle all the year round as well as having a certain amount of security and room for all my things.

Here I give some advice based on my experience with electricity. In other videos I will explain some other aspects of camper van life.

My channel on you tube : has over 2,100 original films.

My big interest in life is travel and history but I have also placed films on other subjects.

Please feel free to ask questions in the public area or to comment on things you disagree with. Sometimes there are mistakes because I speak without preparation. If I see the mistakes myself, I make this clear in the text. Please also leave a star rating!

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