Electric Car To Drop Koosh Ball At 25 Ft For Jastin Telles

Jastin Telles wrote “I was wondering, with your electric car, could you modify it to where it could drop a heavy load (such as a koosh ball) around 20 – 25 feet from it’s starting point? My teacher gave my class this challenge as a project and so far we managed to get up to 10 – 15 feet using a design very similar to your electric toothbrush car. With that, we have string that activates a mousetrap with the ball attached to it which unloads the ball at our target area (at 25 feet).”
My car Jastin refers to no longer exists so I modified one I made yesterday. I am not certain that I understood the project description but I have done what I thought was right.
I attached the electric motor to the underside of the car, that was a bad move and made it difficult to turn on and off. If I remade this I would put the motor on top and drill a large hole in the side of the car so the motor shaft sticks out to access the wheel pulley.

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