Electric Glass, Switchable Privacy Glass

Electric Privacy Glass, Screen Solutions electric glass switches on demand from frosted to clear and remains that way until you choose to change it. Available in both film and finished electric glass.

Switchable in many ways: Screen Solutions International offers the following switchable products

Finished glass- This Switchable Glass product comes ready to install in your desired size as a laminated finished glass solution

Adhesive Film- This Switchable Glass product is a film that is made to be applied to your clear surface with built in adhesives, you just specify the size and SSI will work with you to deliver the exact product you need.

Non Adhesive Film- This Switchable Glass product comes with no glass and no adhesives and is ready to be installed between glass or whatever you may have in mind.

The Many Benefits of Electric Switchable Glass:

UV protection (99% when frosted)
Energy savings
Draws attention (Tradeshow Booths, Bars, Clubs, etc)
Rear projection displays (when frosted)
Holographic projection displays (when clear)

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