Electricians In Leeds

– Electricians in Leeds

Electricians in Leeds are hard to find. Especially if you want someone to turn up on time, or even turn up at all!

We know how you feel because we have seen this a lot! We have also experience this situation when things get to busy too!

BUT there is actually a solution, it took a lot of implementation on our part, but it makes things REALLY EASY for you!

We now have an online booking system which gets over the common issues that people have.

One thing is that you want a price and availability, without the hassle of waiting around. Well, for the smaller jobs, you can go to the booking system and just click what you want, then see the price and availability at a glance!

For the jobs that need a bit more detail (and need a quote) you can also do this easily. Just click on Quote and find a suitable time. We will see you then on that date and time and afterwards will get you a quote THE SAME DAY.

So have a look over at the web site where you can also find more information about what we do, how long we have done it and Testimonials to show what other people think of the work we have done so far.

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You can also get advice from Electrical Safety First at

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