Electricity REVISION PODCAST (Edexcel IGCSE Physics Topic 2)

This revision podcast is for Edexcel IGCSE physics or dual-award science (4PH0 or 4SC0), and covers all of topic 2 – electricity.

0:08 Safety with mains electricity
0:54 Safety features of UK plugs
1:30 The earth wire
2:07 Fuses
2:33 Power (P=IV), and using power to select fuse values
3:58 Energy used (E=ItV)
4:59 AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current)
5:28 Circuit symbols
5:49 Series and parallel circuits
8:13 Current-voltage graphs (resistor, filament bulb and diode)
9:48 Ohm’s Law (V=IR)
10:25 LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors)
10:59 Charge (Q=It)
12:20 Voltage (V=E/Q) (separate science only)
14:09 Electrostatic charges
14:50 Induced charges (why charged objects attract to neutral objects)
15:25 Dangers of electrostatics
15:54 Uses of electrostatics

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