IEC Electronics Corporation%2C Albuquerque 2013 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient

IEC Electronics Corporation provides electronic manufacturing services to advanced technology companies primarily in the military, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors. The Albuquerque plant has over 159 active products, employs 90 people and has 72,000 square feet of floor space. The plant is organized by customer work cells, designed to execute one-piece flow, enable immediate, visual feedback and minimize variation. In its review, the AME assessment team said, “All of the operators we spoke with had participated in improvement activities and were excited about what has been accomplished. They own the change within their cells. This was awesome to see!” IEC Albuquerque has worked to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on emphasizing quality in every aspect of its client relationships, delivering work that is Absolutely, Positively, Perfect and On-Time.

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