IEC Lock + Rewireable

IEC Lock is a unique range of patented lockable female C13 & C19 IEC connectors and outlets. Our power cords guard against accidental disconnection of Computers, PDU’s, Servers and most Network Devices. Connectors cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet. They are suitable for use with ‘ANY STANDARD’ C14 or C20 inlet.
IEC Lock connectors can be used in many different applications where uninterrupted power is critical such as data centers, outside broadcasting, medical, motor racing and maritime. They are available in various worldwide plug configurations such as C14 / C20, NEMA, Schuko, UK, Japanese, Australian, Indian, Brazilian, Swiss, Italian, South African plugs,…
IEC LOCK is fully certified with the major international standards for Europe (KEMA ENEC), North America (UL, c-UL), Japan (PSE), Australia (SAA), Korea (KC). IEC LOCK power cords are available in a range of various cable colours (Blue, Red, Black, White & Orange) and various lengths.

Scolmore Group has introduced a new addition to the IEC LOCK product range – the new IEC Lock+ connector – which builds on the success of the original IEC Lock and features a new release mechanism. The new IEC Lock+ has been designed to be implemented in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance. The new red cage release mechanism clearly differentiates the product from other leads. This is especially important in data centres where there are likely to be thousands of leads and it may not be easy to identify critical and non-critical power sources.

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