Saving Electricity

BNERI National Youth Energy Video Competition by Teamun and Pumba.

a short animation made by our group, Teamun and Pumba. This video will show you how energy plays an important role in generate electricity for our daily life. Knowing that we cant even last a day without electricity. But we have least care that we did not know how great it is to save energy and reduce its consumption. We need to start make change, at this very hour, at this very minute! Start saving energy and you are the hero to the Earth and yourself! xD (sorry for the bad english xD)

Credit to Sophonic of for the awesome music, Happy Ukulele.

Help me win this competition, how?
(1) Go to this link
(2) Find my team, Team 079 Teamun and Pumba
(3) Click Like for the post.

Your help and cooperation are highly appreciated! Thank you! xD

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