(Shown On Diff. Speeds) Westinghouse/Canarm Brand ‘Turbo Swirl’ Ceiling Fan

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Sorry about the video being a bit over-length

This video was recorded during our vacation in the Philippines. This fan is in one of the hotel rooms we stayed in. This fan is one of those modern spinner-type fans. An interesting thing is that some of the other buildings have wall fans rather than ceiling fans. I think what happened was that this building was damaged in Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, so they had to renovate the rooms. So instead of putting more wall fans, they decided to put ceiling fans.

Another thing you may notice is that the “humming” sound of this fan is slightly below 60 Hertz. This is because the resort is run on diesel (I think) generators, so the electrical frequency is not as perfect as the frequency from the grid.

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