Wireless Electricity From Soil !

Following my video the other day for the soil powered flashing pumpkin, sMartcreations2010 enhanced the idea with a circuit that can light 2x LED’s from a small power source.
I replicated his design, but used a pancake coil instead of two individual coils.
it worked out great, although the LED’s are a little dim when only being powered by soil. Such troubles with other circuits were why I used the original double circuit in the pumpkin video.
However – While moving the pumpkin out of the way to shoot a video of the rather quick but functional replication – the pumpkin flashed !!!
It was found that the bifilar pancake coil made from old telephone wire is both able to light the onboard LED’s when the fields collapse, but also is emitting wireless energy when the transistor fires !
The onboard LED’s don’t go out when the wireless circuits are introduced to the coil.

Transistor used is an S9014
Resistor 47K
Ceramic cap is a 0.1uF (104)
Front end electrolytic capacitor is a 100uF
Electrodes are copper and galvanized steel of approx 3/4″ square

Here is the original pumpkin video, with circuit diagram:
Here is sMartcreations2010’s circuit diagram video:
Thanks for your research Mart :)

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