Mesa Clogged Drains Explained By Plumber Brett Cadiente

My name is Brett Cadiente and I’m with Cadiente Plumbing. We do plumbing in Mesa, Arizona, and we seem to get around all of Mesa, but some of the services that we handle in Mesa might include slab leaks, drain calls. A lot of the general public actually don’t know that plumbers actually handle the drains and the routing, and the drain cleaning, as well. So, we do that. Kitchen faucets, sinks, disposals, things like that. So, we do quite a bit.

Is the Liquid Drano-type stuff, I know there’s a lot of different brands out there, bad for your plumbing piping? Good question. Depends on what’s already in the plumbing piping. So, if you’ve got some bad stuff in there and you put some drain cleaner in there, you could have a problem there. In a lot of cases, it’s helpful, it just doesn’t help enough. A lot of the customers that call us tend to say, “Hey, I went out, I bought some Drano. I poured down this drain. I just can’t get it to drain well.” So, that’s a lot of the complaints that we get in relation to that. So, you can start with that, but typically, if you have a clogged drain, it’s going to require a plumber to come out or some sort of a machine to clear out that drain. So, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What we see mostly is that it doesn’t work much of the time.

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