Paranormal Plumbing Activity | Jason Hawes | Roto-Rooter

Think twice before calling in Ghostbusters when you hear scary sounds from your plumbing. Instead, bring in the water experts at Roto-Rooter that do it all from pipes, drains, and water cleanup with quick professional service.

TV Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes investigates some potential paranormal activity reported by a homeowner. Instead of finding ghosts, Jason finds the real culprit behind all the mysterious sounds in the bathroom. The only thing paranormal here is the plumbing. Over time water can cause all sorts of trouble in your home or business. Don’t let plumbing problems scare you. Bring in the water experts at Roto-Rooter to save the day. Our plumbing professionals can handle any kind of water problem from plumbing, sewer and drain issues to water cleanup and restoration. Call the experts at Roto-rooter to put water where is should be with 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year.

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