Water In Footwell: Renault Scenic 2 How To Clean Drain

Recently I found a lot of water in a footwell under the driver’s seat. This happened after a long rain. I learned that water gets to the salon due to clogged drainage holes. In this video I show you how to clean the drains to further water dripped to the ground, and not in the salon. Also, at the end of the video, see the effects of long-term stagnation of water.

– Hook and pull the plug, remove the protection wheel
– Remove the drain valve
– Remove the sealing gum
– Remove the four screws and remove the panel
– Unscrew and remove the wiper
– Unscrew and remove the second panel
– Clean out a niche and drainage from dirt and dust

My recommendation:
If You see water in a footwell of driver, it is an urgent need to dry. I recommend remove drain valve. I took action too late. You can see that the water ruined electrical wiring. Windows started to not work properly and on display you can see message handbrake error.

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